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Can Americans Move to Costa Rica


Are you an American wondering if you can move to Costa Rica as a US citizen? The answer is, yes! According to recent numbers from the US State Department, about 70,000 Americans currently live in Costa Rica. Most of these expats are retirees, however, over the last couple of years, moving to Costa Rica from US has become a popular trend for Americans of all ages! 


There are many reasons why US citizens and families are choosing to relocate to Costa Rica including:


  1. Low cost of living: Costa Rica has a lower cost of living compared to the US, which means US citizens can stretch their dollars further.
  2. Warm weather: The climate in Costa Rica is warm year-round, which provides a welcome escape from cold winters for many US citizens.
  3. Natural beauty: Costa Rica is known for its lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and stunning mountain landscapes, which make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Good healthcare: Costa Rica has a well-established healthcare system that is accessible and affordable, making it a great place for US citizens to retire.
  5. Friendly people: The people of Costa Rica are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, making it easier for US citizens to adjust to their new home.
  6. Proximity to North America: Costa Rica is close to the US, which makes it easier for US citizens to travel back and forth to visit family and friends.
  7. Strong expat community: There is a large expat community in Costa Rica, making it easier for US citizens to meet others and make new friends.
  8. Diverse culture: Costa Rica has a rich and diverse culture, with a mix of indigenous, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean influences.
  9. Low crime rate: Costa Rica has a relatively low crime rate compared to other countries in the region, making it a safe place for US citizens to live.
  10. Healthy lifestyle: Costa Rica is known for its focus on wellness and sustainable living, which makes it a great place for US citizens to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As a US citizen there are a number of different options for moving to Costa Rica. Your financial situation, how long and how frequently you wish to be in Costa Rica as well as your lifestyle preferences will help determine which approach is best suited to you. Here is a list for you to consider:


  1. Renting: US citizens can rent a property in Costa Rica, either on a short- or long-term basis.
  2. Buying property: US citizens can purchase a property in Costa Rica, either as a vacation home or a permanent residence.
  3. Working remotely: With the rise of remote work, US citizens can live in Costa Rica while continuing to work for their US-based employer.
  4. Starting a business: US citizens can start a business in Costa Rica, taking advantage of the country’s lower costs and friendly business environment.
  5. Volunteering: US citizens can volunteer with various organizations in Costa Rica, such as environmental or wildlife conservation groups.
  6. Retiring: Costa Rica has a large expat community of retirees, making it an attractive destination for US citizens looking to retire.
  7. Studying: US citizens can enroll in a Spanish language school or study abroad program in Costa Rica.
  8. Traveling: US citizens can live as digital nomads in Costa Rica, traveling and working from various locations throughout the country.
  9. Investing: US citizens can invest in real estate, stocks, or other assets in Costa Rica.
  10. Joining a community: US citizens can join a community of like-minded individuals in Costa Rica, such as a sustainable living or eco-friendly community.


Costa Rica has made it easier and more affordable for Americans to relocate to the country. Welcoming foreigners (and their dollars) is a key economic driver and so the laws continue to evolve to incentivise US citizens to move there. The many benefits and equally numerous approaches for US citizens to live in Costa Rica makes it an exciting possibility for Americans of any age or life stage!

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